Alice Cooper on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

In the summer of 1977, Alice Cooper appeared on the Tonight Show, hosted by Johnny Carson. It was a few days after Alice held public auditions for a snake for his upcoming Lace & Whiskey tour. Alice had the winning snake on the show, and talked with Johnny about snakes, touring, and other things. At the end, Alice performed "Lace and Whiskey" while dressed as Maurice Escargot, complete with machine gun and dancing chickens.

Unfortunately, home VCRs didn't exist then (or at least, weren't affordable), so those of us growing up then did the next best thing: sat in front of the TV with our portable tape recorders held to the TV speaker to record the show for posterity. Now, through the modern miracles of the Internet, that home recording is available to you via RealAudio!

The recording isn't perfect, as it's 22 years old and, as I said, was recorded by holding a portable tape recorder up to the TV speaker. It's a little heavy on the bass end, which I'll try to clean up a little more. I did manage to remove 99% of the hiss from the tape.

You can hear Alice and Johnny by clicking on one of the following choices:

To download the last two and save them on your hard drive, you may need to right-click on the highlighted text and select "Save Link As File...." or some-such selection.

To listen to the RealAudio version, you'll need RealPlayer G2, which you can freely download from

As time allows, I'll try to clean up the sound some more and maybe add an MP3 file.

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